About Friday Flats


Friday Flats is a new online community where individuals can lease and rent homes in a streamlined, cost-efficient and professional way. Our mission is to share the fun and wealth of the accommodation business with individuals without burdening them with all the day-to-day hassle of property management; cleaning, maintenance, customer service and so many more. We take care of the mundane, so that you can focus on the things that matter to you. Sounds great? We know, it’s awesome!

How are we able to do this? We have combined the skillsets of two companies and created a service concept, where the best features of both create a great service as well as an attractive business opportunity. In combining the online community know-how with the professional maintenance, upkeep and customer care capabilities, we are able to provide a service level that meets business standards as well as the leisure travelling needs.

Friday Flats was originally founded in Estonia in 2013. The original concept was to create an online marketplace where private travelers and home owners are able to do business. We have joined forces with Forenom, the leading homelike accommodation service provider in the Nordics, thus broadening our shoulders with a service provider, who is able to manage the day-to-day part of the business with a level of professionalism we could have only dreamt of before; maintenance, cleaning and customer service and sales support.

We believe in the shared economy, there is power in the collective. We are committed to be at the forefront of the accommodation industry, and we invite you to join in!